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Amanda Mester "Manny", is a freelance Makeup, Special Effects and Hair Artist based in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in San Diego, California and moved to Los Angeles in 2021 to attend Cinema Makeup School. Upon graduating, she's worked on film sets, photoshoots, live events and has been a Lab Tech for two Creature FX Shops. She now specializes in TV and Film Makeup & Hair and realistic injuries. 





"My Accidental Alpha's Desire" TV Mini Series - Makeup & Hair Dept. Head

July 2024

"Kiss Me Alpha Edward" TV Mini Series - Makeup & Hair Dept. Head

June 2024


"My Mafia Billionaire Husband" TV Mini Series - Makeup & Hair Dept. Head 

June 2024


"Escape the Billionaire's Embrace"  TV Mini Series - 2nd Assistant Makeup & Hair

May 2024


"Tangles Ties & Tipsy Vows"  TV Mini Series - Makeup & Hair Dept. Head

April - May 2024

"Temptation of the Ex-Wife"  TV Mini Series - Makeup & Hair Dept. Head

March 2024


"Voyage LA" Photoshoot - Hair Dept. Head

February 2024

"Wild Horses" Short Trailer- Hair Dept. Head

February 2024 

Art of Revenge”  TV Mini Series - Assistant Makeup & Hair

December 2023 

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Hollywood- Mask & Creature Suit Technician

September- October 2023

  • Repairing, maintaining, sanitizing masks, gloves & suits

  • Special Effects Makeup, hair & wigs


“TAHA” AFI Thesis Film - Assistant Hair & Makeup

June 2023

Rescue Critters, Animal Training Mannikins- Lab Assistant 

November 2022- May 2023 

  • Running foam & silicones

  • Fiberglass & platinum molds

  • Cutting metal 

  • Trimming & seaming

  • Blood tubing

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Hollywood - Mask Technician

September- October 2022

  • Repairing, maintaining & sanitizing silicone, fiberglass & latex  masks

  • SFX makeup


“SVN Select” Photoshoot Campaign- Makeup & Hair Dept. Head

June 2022

Cinema Makeup School - Lab Assistant

June- September 2022


Shop Work    Molding & Casting    Painting    Hair Punching


Lab Tech- Life-casting, airbrushing, metal cutting, wood work, seaming silicone and

hair punching.


Mold Maker- Urethane, ultracal, silicone, dental acrylic, epoxy syntactic dough, epoxy laminating resin, fiberglass cloth, polyfoam, lay ups, flashing, and cleaning/ prepping/ demolding molds. 


Pouring Materials- Open pour translucent platinum silicone, tin cure silicone, foam latex and polyfoam. 


Paint- Prosthetics, foam masks, airbrush tattoos (dual and single), silicone pigments, psycho paints, PAX and alcohol paints.  


Sculpting- WED clay, oil based clay and monster clay


Mask Technician- Repairs, adjustments and maintenance of silicone, latex and fiberglass masks.

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